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Have you ever had the desire of a magic corner where the world, for a moment, is suspended? A refuge only for you, where you can relax?   You often come back home after work, after gym, once finished your

Wherever you want!

For you, keen on gardening, for you, with the green thumb, for you, who would like a garden, but don’t have enough space or time to spend on it, for you, who loves to decorate your spaces in a unique and

Test: Which Garden are you?

Any of us lives bad and good moments, but if you have a Il Giardino sul Comò, it will not only decorate your home but it will be a connection to your imagination whenever you want and you can immediately feel

Fantasy Recycling

Do not throw it! There is a garden inside it 🙂 Here's how Giusi shows you that any object can become a garden: THANKS TO THE “FANTASY RECYCLING"!   Have you ever thought that cans or glass jars can become

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Spring Emotions 2017

Spring Emotions

Spring is Blooming Waiting for Easter   Dear Friends of Il Giardino sul Comò, Spring has now arrived and here you can find gorgeous new ideas to decorate your home with a touch Fantasy;)   Pastel colours and vibrant emotions

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Every morning when I wake up I admire my little fairy house made with love by Giusi Moliterno and I feel that the day is started better already ... these sweet and precious creations are unique and I think they help us to look at our world from another point of view, with the help of magic and fantasy that should never be lacking in our days.


Very nice idea and super who had it!